10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

March 23, 2015

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

March 23, 2015
10 Steps for Spring Cleaning - The Crafted Maker

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Hey guys. Now that Spring has officially sprung, it is time to start thinking about the yearly ritual of spring cleaning. I don’t know about all of you, but I love the way a home feels when it is clean from top to bottom. The act of cleaning, however, can be tedious and very time-consuming, which is why many homeowners do not like doing it. Β Today I am sharing my top 10 tips for spring cleaning your home which helps me get through the whole house with little time wasted. So with that, roll up your sleeves, throw on your gloves and let’s get started.

1. Make a plan.

This step is very crucial when it comes to cleaning a whole home. If this is not done, the cleaning can take much longer than needed. I usually plan out my spring cleaning by room. I like to pick the rooms in the order in which they are getting cleaned. To take this process another step further, you could even plan out the room according to the order in which you want to do each cleaning activity. Make a list of the rooms and what needs to be done in each, so you know exactly how much progress you have made along the way.

2. Gather all cleaning supplies in one spot.

This step will save you loads of time when you start to clean. If you do not have all of the necessary items contained in one spot, plenty of time is wasted going from room to room locating them. I keep certain cleaning supplies in the kitchen and some in the laundry room. If those two rooms are spread out in different areas of the home, you would have to walk back and forth. This time really adds up, especially if you are trying to complete a task you are not that thrilled about doing in the first place.

3. Pick up the house before detail cleaning.

I know this sounds weird too, in a way, clean before cleaning, but it really does save a lot of time. When the house is getting detail cleaned, some items may need to be moved around and if there is stuff on the floor or couches, such as kids toys, throws, or a dog bed in the way, you will spend time picking up and lose momentum in the process.

4. Take cleaning supplies from room to room.

Now that you have all of the items you need for the whole house gathered, pick out the items you need for rooms and take them with you. For instance, if you have three bedrooms, you will need the same cleaning supplies for all three. Taking them with you will save you from having to walk back to your cleaning supplies over and over again. You will, however, have to do this at least a couple of times. If you are cleaning a bedroom there is no need to carry around the toilet bowl cleaner with you.

5. Get Help!

When it comes to spring cleaning, there is no rule that says you have to do everything on your own. Get help from the people around you. If you are married, enlist the help of your spouse. They live there too! If you have kids, let them lend a hand or two. Small children can even help out. Take some old socks you have lying around, put one on their hand and they can clean baseboards. It might even be fun for them and help them feel included. Friends are another great source of help. One idea when it comes to enlisting friends is house swapping. They can come to help you spring clean your home one weekend and you can return the favor at their home the next.

6. Make it fun.

Cleaning can be a really good time to listen to some music, a book on tape, or a podcast. Since you are using your hands, all you need is a pair of earphones and a pocket to hold your device. You may even get to burn some calories from dancing while cleaning. I have so done that (you know you have too). If you are not into that idea, this can serve as a good time to catch up on the latest with a friend, spouse, or child.

7. Clean the room from side to side or top to bottom.

By cleaning this way, you will avoid missing a part of the room. It acts as a mapping system for areas that need to be cleaned. It doesn’t matter what side of the room you start on, as long as you have a plan on where to finish.

8. Clean a room completely before moving on.

To avoid any spaces not being cleaned, clean completely before moving on to another room. If you are pulled away for whatever reason, just remember exactly what you were in the middle of doing, and return to that task at hand instead of starting a new one.

9. Multi-task when needed.

Sometimes, when cleaning, it is not just a matter of spraying cleaner on and wiping it off. Some cleaners have to sit on the surface for a certain amount of time to be completely effective. For instance, in the bathroom, many toilet bowl cleaners need to sit in the bowl for a minimum of five minutes to be effective. I suggest starting with things like that, and letting them do what they do while moving on to something else such as scrubbing the shower while waiting to clean the toilet.

10. Stay motivated until you are done.

This last tip can sometimes be very difficult. If you decide to tackle the whole house in one day, it is extremely difficult. One easy way to stay motivated is to keep track of what you have already accomplished. Take your list you made in tip #1 and actively check items off as they are completed. This is a great way to see what you have already finished and it shows you are making good progress. This list will also show you how much time has been saved. It really is amazing when you plan for things such as this, you usually get more done faster than you thought you could.

Well, that is my list of 10 tips for spring cleaning. I hope you enjoyed this list and it helps you out as you tackle your spring cleaning. Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me. Talk to you soon. Happy cleaning!

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