Welcome to The Crafted Maker. My name is Crissie. I am a self-taught DIY’er, builder, and crafter. This blog was started as a way to share my projects with everyone. My hope is that some of my projects will inspire you to want to pick up those power tools and make your house a home one piece at a time.

I had the best of both worlds growing up when it comes to creativity. My dad had an amazing woodworking shop. I would spend hours on the steps just amazed at what he was doing. He eventually gave me some scrap wood, a hammer, and some nails and I was hooked. I may not have been building anything yet, but man, could I hammer away at that wood for hours. My tools have more power behind them now, but I still love the feeling of hammering a nail into some wood! My mom is where I got my love for arts and crafts. She has been crafty as far back as I can remember. My whole childhood I watched her make something out of nothing, it didn’t matter if it was Christmas decorations or just a wall hanging, she had it covered.

There are many new skills I plan on learning in the future and would love to share them with you all. Some of those include welding, wood turning, and painting. I look forward to many more projects to come.

I hope you enjoy visiting me to see what new things I have been up to. Stop by my contact page and leave me an email. I would love to get to know you and hear your thoughts on some of my projects. If you make something from one of my plans, please share it with me. I love to see what you all are working on!

Make sure to come back weekly as I tackle indoor and outdoor projects while renovating my Washington house!

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I’m Crissie. A girl who loves to build, craft, and DIY anything. This site was started as a way to share my passion with you all, so I hope it gives you some inspiration. Follow along as I completely renovate my Washington home including some remodeling, new furniture, and outdoor projects. Read More

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