March 14, 2016


March 14, 2016

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you all. I have partnered up with The Home Depot to share a project for the upcoming DIY workshops. If you have never attended one of these workshops, here are few fun facts about them:

  • They are a great way to learn new skills, whether it is building a fun home decor project, finding out easier ways to fix things around the home, or learning a new power tool with step by step demonstrations.
  • Everyone can learn and have fun no matter what age or skill level you are.
  • There are three different types of workshops: Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It Herself (DIH), and the Kids workshop.
  • Every The Home Depot location offers these workshops, so don’t worry, there is one near you!!

The upcoming DIY workshop is going to teach you how to make a wooden doormat for your home!




I will be back next Monday with my version of the DIY wooden doormat. I and five other bloggers are having a DIY virtual party together, so stay tuned to see all of the awesome projects. You can never have enough DIY inspiration!!

See you all soon,





*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Compensation or materials may have been given to me, but the thoughts, opinions, and sawdust covered hair are all my own! 


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